We all love to cuddle. A baby, a puppy, a kitten, a teddy, a lover, a friend and of course our family, especially our Mum. Some things are just the basis of all life; warm bread, fresh sheets, the first turn of that Spring breeze, the scent your loved always wore.

It is no wonder why women love to have their hair done, their nails done. Retail therapy, the day spent with a friend, touching, feeling and smelling things.

We are sentient beings.

However wise and strong we are we still need to cuddle, to nuzzle into the arms of love and safety, to absorb the essence of memories that put us in a safe and happy place.

This year is particularly painful; the loss of touch through this wretched COVID crisis is just one of those losses that somehow gets buried in the fog of the general mask wearing hand sanitising day, but I ache for those who cannot touch or be touched by their loved ones. Even just amongst ourselves at work as we keep the distance rule, it feels so inhumane and rude. We used to have a hug, a bit of touching banter and a cwtch, ( I just love that word! No other language says it quite as well as the Welsh!).

I watch TV and when I see people close together I think, NO....STOP.... so ingrained is it now becoming in our psyche.

It is our first basic instinct to cuddle and absorb the scent of our loved ones.

When we did our latest photos of these beautiful new faux fur coats it really struck me how essential this touch and smell is. Trish could not get them out of the delivery box quick enough and her instinct was just to get them on and bury herself inside.

Our automatic response to something soft is to press it to our face and breathe it in.

We have ladies peering in the shop windows as we are in there cataloguing for the website. Like little fish inside our glass bowl. It is all so cold and hard and horrible.

The lack of human touch is cruel and so depressing, I suppose that is why we have bought into the shop more touchy feely stuff this year than ever before, we are just needing it. Keep yourselves safe and do whatever it takes to be able to cuddle your loved ones freely even just for a while.

A big warm hug will mean more than anything else this year.

But it is an opportunity to indulge in texture, lots of it. Squishy armchairs, fattened cushions, fluffy scarves, cosy clothes and love. Just lots of love.

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