We had the lovely Marisa in today for a bit of variety on the photo shoots. We want to show that these clothes can be worn by all shapes, all sizes, and all ages.

Marisa thought that some of the things we asked her to model were 'too young'. Well, I think that's what we all do, we get stuck into a look that we are comfortable with and stay put there. It's understandable, we like comfort zones. But look at how fabulous she looks in these clothes; a knockout.

She felt great and needless to say she added some of these things to her wardrobe. She never expected to look good in a cheeky romper suit but she really does!

So lovely ladies, try out a new look, life too short to stick with one 'look'. Stroll through a brave space and try things for fun. We are all self conscious, and even with colours, we stick to what we think looks good, then ZING, try on something might be surprised.

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